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Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak in South Sulawesi: 9 Deaths Reported in 2024

Makassar – South Sulawesi Health Service (Sulsel) (Dinkes) recorded that 9 people died as a result of the attack dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in 2024. The victims experienced a reduction in platelets and even bleeding.

“Dengue fever can cause death if platelets decrease, bleeding and shock,” South Sulawesi Health Service Chief Ishaq Iskandar told detikSulselMonday (22/4/2024).

Ishaq said that if the platelet count is too low, it will make it difficult for the body to expel viruses in the body. He hopes that residents with these symptoms will report immediately to receive treatment from a doctor.

“This symptom should not be taken lightly because if severe it can damage blood vessels and lymph nodes, vomit blood, bleed from the gums and nose, shortness of breath, and stomach pain due to inflammation of the liver,” he said. said.

He admitted that he had encouraged cross-departmental cooperation involving sub-district heads, sub-district heads, village heads, religious and community leaders, as well as educational institutions to prevent dengue fever and its treatment. They are expected to mobilize the community to eliminate mosquito nests (PSN).

“Educate the public about the importance of eliminating mosquito nests in an effort to prevent the growth of mosquitoes that cause the spread of dengue fever. Educate the public, if they experience symptoms of dengue fever such as fever, they should go immediately to the nearest health service,” he explained.

As previously reported, the South Sulawesi Health Office recorded that 1,766 people were infected dengue hemorrhagic fever in the period between January and April 2024. Nine of them died.

“In 2024 to the 14th week or April, 1,766 cases of Dengue / DHF cases were reported from 24 Regencies / Cities. The number of deaths was 9 people,” Ishaq Iskandar told detikSulselMonday (22/4).

He said the spread of dengue fever cases this year was the highest in Bone with 217 cases, followed by Makassar with 207 cases, Soppeng with 175 cases and Bulukumba with 174 cases. In addition, Sidrap had 141 cases, Tana Toraja had 140 cases, North Toraja had 124 cases and Maros had 112 cases.

Meanwhile, other areas under 100 dengue fever case number are Palopo with 60 cases, Bantaeng with 58 cases, Sinjai with 55 cases, Selayar with 51 cases, Parpare with 43 cases, Wajo with 39 cases and Pangkep with 30 cases. Then East Luwu 24 cases, Pinrang 22 cases, Enrekang 21 cases, Gowa 20 cases, Jeneponto 17 cases, North Luwu 14 cases, Barru 13 cases, Takalar 6 cases and Luwu 3 cases.

“Deaths due to dengue occurred in Enrekang, Maros, Soppeng, Bantaeng, Bulukumba, North Toraja and Pangkep,” Ishaq said.

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