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Ukrainian Intelligence Attack on Russian Oil Depot Near Orel

On January 9, Russians complained about an attack near an oil depot near the city of Orel. In the end, it became known that this was an operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Sources reported this 24 channels in the intelligence services. This operation was carried out with the help of Ukrainian weapons.

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GUR MO confirmed their work on the oil depot in the city of Orel

Interlocutors 24 channels noted that an oil depot in the Russian city of Orel was attacked using domestically produced drones. As a result of this attack, Russians complained about the fire at this oil depot.

Sources also said that the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine was assisted in this operation by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian Foundation “Come Back Alive”.

Prior to this, the governor of the Oryol region, Andrei Klichkov, announced on January 9 that two UAVs had fallen on the Orelnefteprodukt oil depot facility on Seminarskaya Street in the city of Orel. Previously, the drone fell into an empty tank of an oil depot.

He said that as a result of the fall, a fire started, which was allegedly localized. The Oryol governor also said that emergency services were at the scene. Eyewitnesses also said that the second drone seemed to attack the Orelenergo company, which supplies the region with electricity.

According to preliminary information, three people were allegedly injured as a result of the fall of the drones. They seem to have shrapnel wounds.

It is worth noting that the Russian city of Orel is located almost 200 kilometers from the northeastern border of Ukraine. This indicates the growth of the capabilities of Ukrainian weapons.

Where is the Russian city of Orel located: look on the map

Explosions were previously heard in Nizhny Tagil

  • Russian propagandists noted on January 8 that the explosion occurred on the railway tracks in Nizhny Tagil near the San Donato station. According to the Russians, there is an oil depot near this station.
  • The occupiers also emphasized that no one was allegedly injured as a result of the loud sounds in Nizhny Tagil. At the same time, RosSMI noted that another explosive device was allegedly found near the explosion site.
  • Later it became known that the explosives were attached to the train tanks belonging to the Gazpromtrans company. The Kremlin, of course, did not give official comments on this matter.

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