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Notcoin: Answers to Common Questions and Latest Updates

Common questions about Notcoin

Since the Notcoin team provides minimal information about the project, users look for answers to the most pressing questions on all available resources. Let’s clarify them here.

How to buy a Notcoin token now

At the time of writing, the Notcoin token has not been launched. There is no smart contract, listing or liquidity pools for the asset. This means that users do not have the opportunity to purchase the token.

Any offers to purchase, sweepstakes, giveaways and other transactions with the NOT asset or analogues before the official launch are fraudulent.

Is Notcoin a scam or not?

We know too little about the project to give a definite answer.

On the one hand, Notcoin’s motto is probably nothing, which allows developers to refuse further activities at any time without any consequences. On the other hand, we see millions of active users, more than 100,000 followers on the official X page and active support from influencers.

Project team – Open Builders – associated with Sound starter and does not disclose its composition, but mentions $1.5 million in attracted investments from Gate, DWF Labs, Kingsway Capital and other partners.

What will they give for coins after listing and where it can be

The Notcoin team does not provide details about the listing or future drop, however, in a conversation with Incrypted, a representative of the project noted that “the token will be available in the coming months.”

Most likely, Notcoin coins received in the Telegram application will be converted into tokens after the official launch and listing on trading platforms. The exchange rate and mechanism are still unknown.

Both centralized and decentralized exchanges (with support for the TON network) can be used as listing platforms.

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