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Ukrainian Armed Forces Fighter Assures No Power Outages Expected

Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter Kirill Sazonov recalled his earlier assurance that there would be no power outages for now.

Kirill Sazonov, who has worked in the energy sector for many years, confidently stated that rolling blackouts are not yet expected in Ukraine. The reason is obvious: we generate enough electricity, but there are no attacks on critical infrastructure yet.

Kirill Sazonov’s opinion on why Ukrainians should not have their lights turned off in the near future can be found in the publication in Telegram-channel.

The Ukrainian political scientist was outraged by the need to repeat the same thing to people over and over again so that they would finally believe his words: “What I’m tired of writing and talking about on live broadcasts: power engineers are working, so now there are no shutdown schedules. Air defense protects. We’ll see what happens next.”.

After this, a Ukrainian Armed Forces volunteer explained an important point: “In Ukraine, there is now enough electricity to meet the needs of citizens, which is generated by the country’s power plants. Rumors on social networks about the possible use of blackout schedules are untrue. The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine reports this.

With the above, Kirill Sazonov wanted to reassure panicking fellow citizens, assuring that no one would turn off the electricity for now.

Earlier, Sazonov told how Putin “simplified life” for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and “opened the way” to the occupied territories.

Sazonov also highlighted the most realistic forecast for the timing of the end of the war.

Let us remind you that Sazonov reported how the Ukrainian Armed Forces are thwarting the Russians’ plan for a large-scale offensive.

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