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Ukraine is sounding the alarm, a new danger – 2024-02-21 20:24:38

In the city of Ugledar, located in the Donetsk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) risk falling into a cauldron, and one battalion of the Kurakhovo-Mariin direction is already under threat of encirclement.

This is what TSN military correspondent Yulia Kiriyenko wrote on the Facebook social network, Strana.ua reports.

“One battalion from one brigade is already in circular defense. And these are several hundred of our soldiers. Because the enemy is around them. Because the flanks are sagging and our neighboring units cannot hold them. Because the enemy has more forces,” the publication says to the journalist.

Kiriyenko called on the Operational-Strategic Group of Troops “Tavria” to “inflate” and build a second defense line in the area as soon as possible. And Kurahovo – “to prepare”.

“Columns of equipment from two directions are coming towards our forces. It is good that ours managed to accumulate some shells and get reinforcements from men. In vain they did not pay enough attention to this direction. If the invaders advance there, then we will have another Bakhmut. Only it will be A sycophant,” warns Kiriyenko, quoted by “Focus”.

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