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UK to prevent entry of unskilled workers – Jornal Económico

Britain is preparing to close its border doors to low-skilled foreign labor and will require that all skilled workers who wish to work in the country have a job offer in hand and are fluent in the English language. .

At the moment, citizens of the European Union can move freely between member states, but one of the reasons for Brexit was therefore to stop these movements. , Interior Minister Priti Patel wrote in The Sun newspaper this Sunday.

“Starting next year, all skilled workers will need to earn enough points to work in the UK. They will need to speak English, have a firm job offer and meet some salary requirements ”.

The opposition argued that immigration restrictions could harm public services, first of all the National Health Service, which in certain areas depends on Union citizens who work there as nurses and doctors. The government said it would award additional points to those working in sectors where skills are scarce.

London and Brussels will spend this year negotiating the terms of a post-Brexit agreement that will come into force on January 1 with the battle lines already drawn up on how much Britain will diverge from EU rules and regulations.

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