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UK Announces Aid Package with 200 Brimstone Homing Missiles for Ukraine

We are talking about Brimstone homing missiles, which have already proven themselves to be an effective weapon in the war against the Russian Federation.

The UK continues to strengthen the military capabilities of the Ukrainian army to defend Ukraine and announced another aid package, including two hundred homing missiles Brimstone.

The head of the British Defense Department, Grant Shapps, announced this on Thursday, February 22, reports The Guardian.

The minister noted that the mentioned missiles have already proven themselves as effective weapons in the fight against the Russian invasion: in one case they thwarted a Russian attempt to cross a river and forced them to retreat.

In addition, the British side, together with other allies, will train 10 thousand Ukrainian troops in the first half of this year.

Meanwhile, Verkhovna Rada deputy Yegor Chernev reported today on his page in FacebookWhat The German parliament voted to recommend that the German government begin deliveries long-range missiles Taurus Ukraine.

With the help of these missiles, the Defense Forces will be able to hit military targets deep behind the lines of the Russian aggressor, the parliamentarian added.

Earlier, the head of the UK Ministry of Defense wrote an article in which he called 2024 a turning point and said that the future of Ukraine is in the hands of the West. He called on the allies to provide additional assistance to Kyiv.

Prior to this, Shapps made a historic speech, warning of the threat of a major war and the risk of destruction of the current world order.

Author: Artem Malinovsky

2024-02-22 16:34:44

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