Uganda, abandoned by her husband because she is pregnant with the fifth pair of twins

History –

“Abnormal”. So the woman’s husband, Ssalongo, commented on the news of the arrival of their ninth and tenth child, and then decided immediately after their birth to abandon the woman and all her family alone in what only until a few days before it had been their home.

Before he left the marital roof, the man had also intimated to Gloria di

pack up and go back to her parents

. “When I found out I was pregnant, only three days later she told me to go back to my house.

But who was I supposed to go back to?

Since I moved here to Kampala to work, I have lost all contact with my family “, the woman told the microphones of NTV.

The outburst of the new mother –

“I don’t regret giving birth to all these babies. I know the father doesn’t like them and I can’t leave them with him, but despite the challenges,

I will never abandon my children

. I trust in the Lord’s help. “Gloria does not hide her pain, from which she seems to find a respite only in faith:” I have put my life in God’s hands. He knows what is best for me. ”

Abandoned by all –

In addition to her husband’s abandonment, Gloria is also dealing with many other difficulties, first of all the risk of no longer having a roof over her head. Recently the woman was

threatened by the owner of the house

where he lives with his children. “I don’t want you or your baggage”, the man would have told her, without worrying too much about the already complex conditions in which she finds herself forced to live in Gloria’s family, or rather, what is left of them.

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