Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux Distribution Released

Ubuntu Development Team announced about the availability for downloading the final assembly of the operating system of the same name, which received the 20.04 LTS index and is known under the code name Focal Fossa (translated from English as “concentrated fossa”).

The new version of the platform received an updated Linux 5.4 kernel, support for the AUFS5 file system and WireGuard VPN protocol, the GNOME 3.36 user environment with a redesigned Yaru skin, optimized program code and improved performance. It also reports on updating the set of applications, system packages and components included in the distribution package, expanding support for USB peripherals, network adapters, hardware solutions and equipment from Intel, AMD, IBM, Raspberry Pi.

The full list of innovations implemented in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is presented on the page wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes.

The Ubuntu distribution comes in various variations for desktops, netbooks, servers, cloud and virtualized environments, Internet of things devices, Raspberry Pi single-board computers and is available for download on the project’s official website ubuntu.com. The release of the next version of the operating system – 20.10 – is scheduled for October 2020.

New Ubuntu builds are released by Open Source devotees every 6 months and are backed by security updates for 9 months. For releases marked with the LTS nameplate (Long Term Support), longer support is provided – for five years. Thus, the Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa OS will be supported by developers until April 2025.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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