Uber Eats: finally an employment contract in Geneva

Uber Eats couriers in the canton of Geneva will now work as employees. Unia calls on Uber Eats to obey the law throughout Switzerland, and to treat all those it employs as regular employees.

It is a milestone victory for Uber Eats employees and for Unia. Recognition of their status means that they are entitled to a salary, paid vacation, accident insurance, daily sickness allowances and social insurance registration.

A success of international importance

It is also the first time internationally that Uber Eats has recognized couriers as an employee.

They have long struggled with Unia against the violation of their rights. In response to this pressure, the canton of Geneva has recognized that Uber Eats is a service rental company, and that it is therefore subject to the Labor Law and the Collective Labor Agreement (CCT) for the rental of services. As such, Uber Eats must also obtain a cantonal license to operate.

Apply CCTs

Unia recalls that the provisions of the CLA must be applied correctly. As Uber Eats lends its staff to catering establishments, the national collective bargaining agreement for the hotel and catering industry – which is legally binding – must apply in addition to the CCT rental of services.

Uber Eats couriers were already employees before the company recognized them as such. Unia requires that they retroactively receive salary, paid vacation and insurance contributions for work done so far.

Cantons must now follow Geneva’s example

Geneva’s success shows that with a little goodwill, politicians can put an end to undeclared work models like Uber. The other cantons where Uber Eats is active (BE, BS, FR, GE, NE, SG, VD, ZH) must finally ensure that this service complies with the law, everywhere. If this is not the case, the cantons must end its activity.

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