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UAE University Continues Distinguished Climate Initiatives for COP28 and Beyond (2023-2026)

Al Ain: “The Gulf”

The UAE University announced the continuation of its distinguished initiatives within the road map to COP28 and beyond (2023-2026), which it launched in preparation for its participation in the conference hosted by the UAE.

Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Vice President for Scientific Research at the university, explained, “The UAE University is proud of this remarkable success, which highlighted its scientific and research leadership, and contributed to strengthening its international research partnerships that support the directives of the wise leadership and its pioneering future vision that focuses on climate, and greatly increased investments in energy resources.” Renewable energy and advanced technologies that revolve around sustainable innovations, and its endeavors to adopt smart policies in advanced technologies, and to enhance the dissemination of clean renewable energy sources, by providing the best academic programs that keep pace with the highest international standards in specialized scientific research, to graduate a pioneering elite qualified to keep pace with the future process of scientific development within The state and outside it.

He added, “The UAE University will continue the road map that it launched under the slogan, ‘Empowering our youth to overcome the effects of climate change,’ and will focus on youth empowerment and local and international cooperation through scientific research and innovation.”

The map includes holding international conferences and forums from February to November 2024, most notably the Second International Conference on Water Resources Management and Sustainability… Solutions for Dry Areas, which will be held in Dubai from February 26 to 28, 2024, and the focus is on the university’s postdoctoral fellowship in climate action 2024-2026. And implementing a postdoctoral fellowship evaluation workshop on climate change in March 2026. As part of its scientific efforts, it is also organizing the eighth international forum entitled “Floods in Valley Systems” from November 4 to 6, 2024.

Dr. Ahmed Murad added, “Regarding our regional and Arab partnerships, the university will continue to implement joint research operations with “Sultan Qaboos University” on climate change 2024-2025, and the research program for empowering African women to achieve agricultural sustainability, in cooperation with “Haramaya University” in Ethiopia and “Gaston Berger University.” “In Senegal, as well as a research program for Egyptian university students on climate action.”

It is noteworthy that the UAE University, during its participation in COP 28, organized various activities and initiatives that provided smart solutions in renewable energy, waste reduction and reuse of natural resources, and brought together scientists and specialists in the field of environment and climate change, in addition to strategic partners, and witnessed an outstanding turnout and remarkable success. .

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