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U.S. Stock Market Plunges 400 Points and Taiwan Stocks Remain Stable: Expert Warns of Further Reversal Potential

Affected by the resurgence of inflation and the postponement of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut, the U.S. stock market plunged 400 points and fell below the monthly line and weakened. However, the Taiwan stock market fell dozens of points this morning and was limited to 20,700 points. The stock market expert and deputy general manager of Qida Investment Consulting Li Yongnian said in an interview earlier this year (November 11) that the market was mainly supported by the rise of TSMC (2330), a red-hot stock, and legal persons were willing to protect the market. However, he suggested that investors should not rush to buy or sell, and should pay attention to the second half in case of another reversal. Turning downward may trigger panic selling pressure. If it falls sharply, first check whether there is support at 20430 points.

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[Yahoo morning trading]U.S. stocks plummeted and Taiwanese stocks only fell slightly. Analyst Li Yongnian: Don’t worry! Wait for the second half.File photo: Central News Agency

Analyst on duty today: Li Yongnian, deputy general manager of Qida Investment Consulting

The U.S. stock market was hit yesterday by the sharp increase in CPI in March. The high inflation figure made the Federal Reserve fear that it would delay its interest rate cut, which was unfavorable to risky assets, causing all four major indexes to plummet. Li Yongnian said that for the U.S. stock market, it not only fell by 400 points, Moreover, it has completely broken the monthly support, and the U.S. stock market has a weakening trend. Although the Taiwan stock market jumped short and opened lower, the decline was limited, mainly because of TSMC, which opened lower and turned higher from black to red. MediaTek (2454) also relatively resisted the decline today, driving gold stocks such as Xiangshuo (5269) and Shixin-KY (3661) High-priced stocks are relatively resistant to falling prices. At present, it seems that investment legal persons have entered the market and are actively protecting the market.

If there is a reversal in the second half, watch out for panic selling.

Li Yongnian said that the market opened lower and higher, and it is still in a bullish pattern. Legal persons and investors are more willing to enter the market at low prices. However, if TSMC or AI and Qiangjin stocks turn downward again in the second half, there may be panic. Pay special attention to selling pressure.

As for the trading volume, Li Yongnian said that currently it is roughly around 400 billion yuan, and there is no large-scale selling. Therefore, the volume and price of Taiwan stocks are relatively stable. If Taiwan stocks weaken in the second half and the index corrects downwards, Let’s first see if there is support on the 10-day line around 20430 points.

Be careful if the price difference between Taiwan Index futures and spot prices exceeds 90~100 points

In terms of operation, Li Yongnian suggested that investors should not rush to make a move today, but wait and see for the time being. As of 9:30, it has only dropped 2 or 30 points slightly. However, spot and futures are different, and the Taiwan Index futures have seen a larger decline. , has reached around 120 points, and there is a 90 to 100 point price difference between futures and spot prices. You still need to observe it. There is no need to rush into the market or sell. Wait for the second half and then take action according to the situation.

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