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Two Raid police officers indicted after riots in Marseille

Two Raid police officers were indicted on Wednesday for alleged police violence against a young man who lost an eye in Marseille on the sidelines of the riots that broke out at the end of June after the death of Nahel, we learned on Thursday from the prosecution.

They are being prosecuted for “intentional violence resulting in permanent disability by a person holding public authority”, detailed to AFP the public prosecutor of Marseille, Nicolas Bessone, confirming the information from Release and Mediapart.

They are not subject to any judicial control at this stage of the investigations led by two investigating judges since the opening of a judicial investigation in mid-August in this fourth case of alleged police violence in Marseille during these riots.

Around ten police officers prosecuted

The victim, Abdelkarim Y., 22 years old, has a permanent disability after being blinded in the eye, according to him by an LBD shot, on the night of June 30 to July 1.

His cousin, Mohamed Bendriss, lost his life the very next day, while riding a scooter, probably after being hit by at least one LBD shot. In this case, three other police officers from the Raid, an elite unit dispatched to France’s second city in the face of urban violence, were indicted for “violence with a weapon leading to death without intention of causing it” and placed under control. judicial.

In total, around ten police officers are being prosecuted in four cases of alleged police violence during the riots in Marseille at the end of June and beginning of July, after the death of young Nahel, killed a few days earlier by the shooting of a police officer during of a road check in Nanterre in the Paris suburbs.

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