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Two major streaming services want to merge: end to the chaos?

There are quite a few streaming services today and more are coming all the time. Earlier today an article appeared on FilmTotaal now that Canal+ is available in the Netherlands. Now it looks like two major streaming services are going to collaborate.

Some film fanatics have been saying for some time that this would be a good move. A subscription to a single streaming service is easy to do, but if you want Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, for example, you have to pay tens of euros every month for this.

Apple and Paramount now seem to be in for a collaboration. The two giants want to join forces and offer interesting subscriptions at a low price. The two studios think they can compete against the streaming giants.

A report from The Wall Street Journal details how increased prices have led to customers moving away from the two platforms. Apple and Paramount hope that putting their two services into a single package will generate interest and attract new subscribers.

Similar stories have been circulating for some time now. For example, bundling services would be a tactic that Netflix and HBO are also involved in. Warner would also be interested in a similar solution. More information will undoubtedly follow soon.

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