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Two dead after granite falls on body while unloading from truck – Idukki news

Udumbanchola – An accident occurred while unloading granite from a container truck to be loaded onto another truck at Mayilatumpara Pottakalli, Idukki. 2 migrant workers died. The deceased were identified as Pradeep (38) and Sudhan (30), natives of West Bengal. The accident happened at 4.30pm.

While trying to unload the granite from the truck, the granite slabs stacked on one side fell on the bodies of Pradeep and Sudhan. A granite slab weighs 250 kg. 20 layers of granite fell on their bodies. On the other side where they were, there were layers of granite. Meanwhile, Pradeep and Sudhan were crushed and their faces and brains were crushed and they died instantly. The dead bodies were taken out after an hour and a half of effort by the locals and Nedunkandam fire brigade. Rescuers managed to extract the body by taking the huge granite slabs together with twenty people and moving them outside and lifting the granite slabs with a rope. The truck that caused the accident got stuck on Mayilatumpara Adimali road and caused a traffic jam.

The granite was delivered to a private home in Pottakalli Cardamom Garden. The contractor brought in guest workers to load the granite from truck to truck. The truck was tilted to the side of the road and the workers’ lack of skill caused the accident. The Udumbanchola police informed that an unnatural death was recorded in the incident and a detailed investigation was launched. Sudhan and Pradeep’s corpses were transferred to Adimali Taluk hospital for autopsy.

English summary: Two killed in an accident in Idukki

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