Two convicted of role in attack on Nairobi shopping center | NOW

Two men were convicted on Wednesday for their role in an attack on a shopping center in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. In the attack in September 2013, 67 people were killed, including a 33-year-old Dutch. The pair’s sentences will be set later this month.

According to the court, the two men cooperated with the four terrorists who died in the attack. They have been convicted of conspiring to commit a terrorist attack and supporting a terrorist group.

During the attack and a four-day hostage situation in the luxury shopping center Westgate, 67 people were killed. In addition, there were also many injuries. In addition to the 33-year-old woman, seven other Dutch people were also in the shopping center. They were unharmed.

The Somali terrorist organization Al Shabaab claimed the attack. That organization is said to have links with the networks of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS). It is not clear exactly which persons are responsible for the attack.

Three people were arrested in the investigation into the attacks. The trial against them began in January 2014. One of them was acquitted on Wednesday for lack of evidence. The two others will be sentenced on October 22.


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