Audio: Xoán Vázquez Mao: “I see it very difficult to open borders before July 1” | Radio Vigo

Pessimism in the Atlantic Axis of the Peninsular Northwest on the opening of the border crossings before July 1. A situation for which they blame the Government of Spain more than that of Portugal, since its general secretary assures in Hoy por Hoy Baixo Miño what from Madrid the reality of the Eurocities is not known.

A consortium that Xoán Vázquez Mao also criticizes as a simple mechanism to attract European funds with little decision-making capacity. For this reason, the Eixo Atlántico proposes a new bilateral treaty between both countries so that Eurocities abandon their propaganda character to manage competences that this crisis has shown as determinants such as mobility or civil protection. Vázquez Mao thinks that now the borders would be partially open if this were a reality.

Listen Interview with Xoán Vázquez Mao, Secretary General of the Atlantic Axis in Play SER

This is one of the urgent measures that the cross-border body has proposed to the Xunta de Galicia to combat the economic crisis in the Euroregion, which also includes promoting the Camino de Santiago and the production and marketing of traditional Euroregion products; coordinate the technological and research centers of Galicia and the North of Portugal to generate a solid structure of technological research at the service of the competitiveness of companies; establish a talent recovery plan that had to go to other countries during the crisis, or the creation of a joint commission to promote the hiring of our artists and creators by public entities.

It also raises the immediate creation of a joint epidemiological prevention commission to monitor the evolution of the coronavirus in the Euroregion as a whole and establish joint alert systems for the possibility of future health crises.

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