Two Bischofswieser from Friday on “Ninja Warrior”

On Friday, the recording of the competition show, in which a tricky and exhausting obstacle course has to be mastered, will be broadcast on RTL from 8.15 p.m., after which it will be available at at any time.


The two will be starting in the context of the 5th season, which will again be moderated by Jan Köppen, Laura Wontorra and Frank »Buschi« Buschmann. The relay offers energetic athletes the chance to master the course with new obstacles in six preliminary rounds.

The 16 fastest make it to the semi-finals. Are Kastner and Lotz there? The two fit Bischofswieser would certainly have what it takes. Michael Kastner is a passionate sport climber and Holger Lotz, a lawyer by profession, is a parkour trainer at ASV Strub.


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