Twitter goes wild over 100 Montaditos’ recent decision to discontinue their €1 montaditos.

Who has not taken advantage of Sunday to go to 100 Montaditos and enjoy the entire menu for 1 euro? If you don’t have compound surnames, surely you’ve ended up in one of these places more than once! AND is that the long list of products for a single euro was endless. Well, the time has come to say goodbye to an era.

After more than a decade having the offer of one day a week with a whole euro, 100 Montaditos says goodbye to its star promotion. And we are at a stage in our lives marked by drinking beer from a mug and asking your friend to get potatoes with four sauces because “today they are one euro”.

The announcement of this change in the letter has broken the hearts of thousands of people who, through Twitter, have shown their discontent. These are just some of the messages that can be read:

“They have removed the offer of all €1 on Sundays for the 100m and on Wednesdays only the montaditos are €1 (not the potatoes and others) and on top of that they have raised the pitcher of beer to €2

“They have removed €1 from every 100 sandwiches on Sundays, faith in humanity? Not a trace remains”

“That they have removed the 100 montaditos at €1 on Sundays could probably be some of the worst news I have received in a long time”

“That they have removed the 100 montaditos at €1, what kind of joke is this”

a halo of hope

But one must not lose faith in humanity so soon. Let’s relax because we are very nervous! And it is that 100 Montaditos is not going to remove its offers from the menu. Of course, there will be some changes.

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As they have confirmed on their social networks, on Sundays there will be a new offer: “LET’S SEE FOR PARTIES. On Sundays now there is ME LA PELA, another promo, you still have an offer so don’t panic. Beer has risen to 2 € but it is also a bigger jug ​​with 14cl more.”

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