Mamady Aminata Touré from Guinea Represents at the World Water Conference in New York

The First UN Water Conference in a generation, the 2023 UN Water Conference which took place from 24 – 24 March in New York at the UN Headquarters, co-hosted by the Governments of Tajikistan and the Netherlands, is a decisive moment to mobilize Member States, the United Nations system and stakeholders to act and provide effective solutions for a global scale. To catalyze action, the Conference is seeking voluntary commitments, galvanized by the Programme, to the Water Action Agenda.

The opening of the ceremony of this conference on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the United Nations invited all the actors of the world around the problem of water called International UN Water Conference 2023executive secretaries, ministers, influencers, civil society organizations for their contribution #WaterAction, “water is not to be sold, but it is a life”.

Mr. Mamady Aminata Touré Alias ​​Petit TOUREPresident/Founder CEO of Community Initiatives For Peace And Development (CIPAD International), Influencer of Climate Change in Africa, was the only Guinean to represent the Republic of Guinea at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

During these negotiations, Mr. TOURE, informed the partners of the severe drought of our waterways, the silting up of our lakes, rivers, the loss of our spring heads, the anarchic creation of boreholes in each family, which is a danger on the ecological aspect of our country.

Our global water system is in crisis. Although clean water and sanitation are a human right, billions of people lack access to these essential elements of life, according to the United Nations.

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These are the essential foundations upon which many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depend, in particular health, food, gender equity, education, livelihoods, industry, climate and the environment.

In perspective, the President of the organization of Community Initiatives For Peace And Development (CIPAD International), wishes to organize an International Water Forum in 2024, with the support of the Guinean government and technical and financial partners.

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