Tweet boils! Slash “Mew Supasit” to copy MV Cover “Jae Hyun” NCT

It became a hot topic immediately when young “Mew Supasit Jongchewiwat” released a MV Cover for the song Afterglow. It was noticed that it was similar to the song I like me better, the MV Cover of Young “Jae Hyun”. NCT, South Korean artist

By all NCT seniors (NCT’s fan club name) asked a lot of questions about the MV. Whether it is a copying of the work or not, because it looks very similar Since opening in the first scene Has an aura that is overlaid

Which later, Mew Supasit Studio did not delay, asking to come out to clarify the message that “It was not intended to be similar in any way. And was not silent I checked. It was found that there were similarities in many scenes. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable I am very sorry to come here too. “

Along with posting a list of songs It is said that it inspired 4 songs: I Love You 3000 – Staphanie Poetri, Suran – Hangang Ver. Hide and Seek Ft. Heize, Jeremy Zucker – Comethru and Torn – Boyce Avenue Acoustic version.

This event when many people go to see it It turns out that … really like But it’s just like a color scheme With the use of film cameras only Because other things are more like Jaehyun’s MV. Despite not being intended to be a reflector

Therefore making the NCT Sen people even more angry because they wanted to delete it more But some of the Mew fans who saw different Then replied that So why have to delete it? The work is not the sun Will have only one in the universe Therefore there was a drama war between sneaking

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Before this morning (February 26), there will be a further apology statement following the issue, saying that some content will be revised. So as not to be similar again

Thank you picture from Twitter

Apology letter from studio

2nd letter of apology


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