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TV: Gilles Favard responds to Yoann Riou’s accusations

Yoann Riou launched a drama on Sunday saying he was suffering from threats made against him by Gilles Favard three years ago. The latter replied to the journalist.

Thierry Roland is no longer of this world, but it is obvious, the journalist could clearly have launched his famous: “Yoann Riou and Gilles Favard will not spend their holidays together ” Sunday, in a controversy out of nowhere, the former candidate for Dance with the Stars and now a member of the Big Heads reacted his fans by throwing a sharp arrow between the two eyes of Gilles Favard, also known under the nickname of Specter . Returning to an incident that occurred in 2017 during a publicity cut on the program L’Equipe du Soir, Yoann Riou explained that he was physically threatened by his colleague. ” Verbal threat to hit me in the face … I’ll tell it. Because nobody has to undergo what I suffered from him (…) It has been three years since I am silent and that and I suffer ”Launched the journalist, who was not far from saying that The Team did not support him.

Regularly invited to this often animated talk show, Gilles Favard responded to this accusation on Monday. ” I had a very bad skin reaction three years ago during a clipping with Yoann Riou on a show. I had words that I should never have had. I apologized for that (…) I was very logically suspended from the air (…) Since then, we have never spoken. We also never did a show together on set again “, Clarified, on Ozap, Gilles Favard. A priori, this incident had resulted in 4 months of exclusion for the Specter.

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