TV AUTO NEWS TESTED: Why is demand for Taycan growing? (+ VIDEO)

Almost two years have passed since the first acquaintance with the fantastic electric car Porsche Taycan. Is it time to find out how the emission-free sports car was doing at that time?

Normunds Avotiņš: “The first time I drove a Taycan, my mouth was open for everything and how the car does. Now we are used to the fact that it exists. However, the constant feeling of power is here. some 530, but it’s clear the Taycan is a powerful car. ” It turns out that it is not only powerful, but also enviably successful. As demand for Taycan doubles every year, it became the third best-selling Porsche after Macan and Cayenne last year. So relatively Taycan is the most purchased Porsche sports model. Watch more in the TV Auto News story.

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