Tutankhamun show in Hamburg will be extended until Easter Monday

Hamburg (dpa/lno) – Due to high demand, the multimedia exhibition “Tutankhamun” in Hamburg will be extended until Easter Monday (April 1st). The organizers announced that 80,000 tickets have already been sold since the opening at the beginning of November. In the show, images, videos and animations are projected onto three-dimensional objects. Tape recordings with the original voice of British archaeologist Howard Carter can also be heard. Part of the show is told from the first-person perspective of the child king Tutankhamun.

The discovery of the magnificently furnished, almost unlooted tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun on November 4, 1922 made the British world famous overnight. At the age of nine, Tutankhamun ascended the Egyptian throne in 1332 BC as one of the last kings of the 18th Dynasty. After about ten years he died unexpectedly. You can explore the sarcophagus, the world-famous death mask, drawings and sketches and a few small original treasures from Tutankhamun’s time.

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2023-12-07 09:11:41
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