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This is how the bikini model became the king of Sweden

She has been an official member of the Swedish royal family for over eight years. Princess Sofia became known earlier – through photos in a men’s magazine.

On June 13, 2015, Sofia Kristina Hellqvist married the Swedish Prince Carl Philip. Today the two have three sons together. The now 39-year-old regularly takes on tasks for the royal family. But do you remember what she looked like at the beginning of her relationship with Carl Philip? Princess Sofia has changed a lot since her previous career as a model and television actress.

In 2004, readers of the men’s magazine “Slitz” voted the Swede “Miss Slitz” after she was photographed for the cover with only a king boa around her upper body. In the documentary soap “Paradise Hotel” on the private television station TV4, she argued publicly with a roommate.

Sofia and Carl Philip defied all criticism

This is primarily why there was repeated criticism of the relationship between her and the prince, which began in 2009. But Carl Philip and Sofia didn’t let that get them down. Even before their engagement or wedding, they attended events together – which was previously unusual in royal circles. For example, the baptism of Princess Estelle in May 2012. But they did not enter the church as a couple at that time.

Through charity work and numerous appearances with the royals, Sofia eventually won the hearts of fans. In June 2014, the Swedish royal family announced the couple’s engagement.

By the way, Alexander, Gabriel and Julian are not part of the Swedish royal family, but they are part of the royal family. Her grandfather, King Carl Gustaf, is the descendant of Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Daniel, unlike Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar.

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