Trump livid, considers firing Justice Minister Barr | Abroad

Trump would like to fire Barr not only because of his statements about the so far unproven electoral fraud that Trump says has taken place, but also because Barr would have done too little to demonstrate alleged wrongdoing by the federal police department FBI towards Trump’s campaign team. According to several insiders, Trump continuously complained about his minister of justice on Wednesday. Several employees have talked to the president to prevent him from firing Barr.

Bill Barr

According to one of the insiders, Trump is most angry at Barr for not pushing a special prosecutor to investigate alleged crimes by the FBI investigating links between the Trump campaign of 2016 and Russia. Trump wanted findings to be made public before the last election.

In 2018, Trump fired Barr’s predecessor Jeff Sessions out of anger for refusing to intervene in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collaboration between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Barr is one of Trump’s most loyal allies. The minister is known for his controversial view of the separation of powers. According to Barr, the president has little to do with the judiciary and parliament. Barr is also often under fire for allegedly deploying the ministry to defend Trump’s personal interests.

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