Trump gives first speech since contamination, last test result unknown | NOW

US President Donald Trump gave a public speech for the first time on Saturday afternoon (local time) since he tested positive for the corona virus more than a week ago. From a balcony of the White House, he addressed a crowd of several hundred supporters. The speech would only go through a negative corona test, but the White House did not want to disclose its latest test result on Saturday.

Because Trump addressed the crowd from the balcony, there was enough distance between him and the audience. However, the audience kept little distance from each other and in many cases did not wear a mouth mask, or took it off during the speech to cheer.

Saturday’s meeting at the White House can be seen as a resumption of Trump’s presidential campaign. The US president said in his speech that he felt great and, as expected, lashed out hard at his Democratic opponent Joe Biden and his vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Trump stopped taking medication

On Monday, Trump left the military hospital in Bethesda where he was treated for more than three days. Much is still unclear about his health. White House insiders as well as Trump’s personal physicians released conflicting information last week.

Trump was given experimental treatment in the military hospital, consisting of the Ebola drug remdesivir and a cocktail of synthetic antibodies. On Thursday he announced that he had now stopped that treatment. He only gets the steroid dexamethasone to make sure the oxygen level in his blood stays at the right level.


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