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Troubleshooting the Windows 11 KB5034765 Update Bug: Microsoft’s Temporary Solution

Earlier, Microsoft finally officially confirmed that there is a bug in the latest update of Windows 11 (KB5034765). It is not very serious, but it will make people feel that it is a waste of time. When downloading or installing KB5034765, it will suddenly stop with an error and then restore to the previous state. Working status, the representative said that all the waiting time is wasted. If you encounter this, Microsoft currently provides a temporary solution.

Microsoft admits that there is a bug in the latest Windows 11 update, you can try this method to solve it temporarily

On Microsoft’s official Known Issues page, Microsoft admitted that the February 2024 KB5034765 security update has bugs. Some Windows 11 version 22H2 and 23H2 users may encounter downloading the update that stops at 96%:

It is understood that for users who encounter this bug, the installation progress will stop at 96% and cannot continue, and an error code of “0x800F0922” will appear, displaying the message “Not as planned”, and then Windows Update will try to withdraw the update and restore the system to the previous normal state.

Before the next version of the repair update is released, Microsoft has provided a temporary solution. Windows 11 users can try to delete the hidden folder “C:$WinREAgent” and then start the KB5034765 system update again. It should be smooth without any accidents. Install.

There are two ways to delete, the first is manually

  • Open File Explorer from the taskbar or use the shortcut Windows key + E.
  • Click the three dots icon at the top and select “Options.”
  • In the “View” menu, check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” and click “OK” to save the settings.
  • At this time, the hidden folder $WinREAgent should be found in File Explorer, open the right-click menu and select “Delete”.

The second is to use the execution script to delete the data:

  • Open the Start menu and enter “Command Prompt Characters”.
  • In the search results on the right side of the start menu, select “Run as administrator.”
  • In the command prompt window, enter rd /s /q “C:$WinREAgent” and press the enter key.
  • If no message appears, the command has been successfully executed and the folder has been deleted. At this time, you can close the command prompt window.
  • Note that if an error is encountered, an error message will be displayed. If this happens, it is recommended to delete the folder manually.

In addition to this bug, some users also reported that after updating to KB5034765, the toolbar suddenly disappeared, the file manager crashed, and the performance decreased. However, Microsoft has not acknowledged these problems, so it may be an isolated case. But if you don’t want to encounter any problems, it is recommended to skip this update.

Having said that, KB5034765 still has good points worth updating, especially “Copliot”, which will replace the display desktop function on the far right of the taskbar. In addition, 73 security vulnerabilities have been fixed, including 5 remote code execution, 2 zero-day vulnerabilities, etc.

Source: Microsoft

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