[TRIVIA] Ramadan 2021, these are the countries with the fastest and longest fasting times in the world

KOMPAS.com – Month Ramadhan 2021 will fall on Tuesday (13/4/2021) Indonesian time, and only a few hours apart in other countries.

Talking about different starting times, the duration of fasting in some countries is not the same.

Some were as long as nearly 18 hours, and as short as 12.5 hours.

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The duration can be different because in Islam fasting is done from dawn to sunset.

Launch Gulf News on Monday (15/3/2021), here is a list of cities and countries with the fastest and longest fasting times in Ramadan 2021.

Fastest: City of Ushuaia, Argentina.

This Latin American city has the fastest fasting time in the world, which is only 12 hours 23 minutes.

Sunrise in Ushuaia averages 6:23 a.m. and sets at 6:46 p.m.

12 hours: Chile and Brazil

Other Latin American countries, Chile and Brazil, also have short fasting times such as Argentina.

Chile’s capital, Santiago, the duration of his fast is 12 hours 41 minutes Then Rio de Janeiro in Brazil recorded a time just 10 minutes longer.

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13 hours: Peru, Tanzania, Philippines, Indonesia, Yemen, India. United States of America

Countries located around the Equator have an average fast duration of 13 hours.

In Tanzania the duration is 13 hours 8 minutes, the Philippines 13 hours 39 minutes, Yemen 13 hours 47 minutes, Hyderabad in India 13 hours 48 minutes, Miami in the US 13 hours 49 minutes, and Kerala in India 13 hours 56 minutes.

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In Indonesia, the duration of fasting for Ramadan in 2021 is also around 13 hours, but the minutes differ depending on the location and time zone.

14 hours: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, United States, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Iraq, Greece, Canada, Italy.

Due to the large area of ​​India and the US, some of them have a longer duration of fasting.

In New Delhi, for example, it lasts 14 hours 33 minutes, and New York and Los Angeles are 14 hours 34 minutes and 36 minutes, respectively.

Then countries in the Arabian peninsula have an average fasting time of 14 hours, which ranges from 14 hours 30 minutes to 14 hours 40 minutes.

In this category Italy has the longest fasting time during Ramadan 2021 with 14 hours 58 minutes.

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15 hours: France, England, Scotland

Countries in Europe usually have a longer fasting time, which is more than 15 hours.

In Paris France for 15 hours 18 minutes, London England 15 hours 21 minutes, and Edinburgh the Scottish capital 15 hours 43 minutes in Ramadan 2021.

16 hours: Denmark, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Alaska

Although both in Europe, Denmark, Germany and Sweden have longer fasting times than France.

The three countries are in their capitals for 16 hours 2 minutes (Copenhagen), 16 hours 15 minutes (Berlin), and 16 hours 52 minutes respectively in Lulea Sweden.

Meanwhile in Moscow the fasting time is 16 hours 11 minutes, and Anchorage, the capital city of the state of Alaska, has citizens fasting 16 hours 57 minutes.

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17 hours: Norway, Finland, Alaska, Sweden, Iceland

Shifting to the north the fasting time is getting longer. In Norway and Finland the duration is 17 hours 18 minutes and 17 hours 19 minutes, respectively.

On the other side of Fairbanks Alaska and Sweden’s capital Stockholm are 17 hours 20 minutes and 17 hours 24 minutes, respectively.

Then in two Icelandic cities, Reykjavik and Svalbard, the fasting time is 17 hours 39 minutes and 17 hours 51 minutes.

Oldest: Murmansk, Russia

This is the city with longest fasting time in the world in Ramadan 2021. In Murmansk, Russia, the night lasts only six hours.

The sun has risen at 2:43 a.m. and just set at 8:38 p.m. This means that Murmansk residents are fasting for nearly 18 hours in Ramadan 2021, 17 hours 55 minutes to be exact.

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