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Trisha, Former Schlager Singer, Forced to Stop Singing Until 2024 Due to Health Issues

bvSchlager singer Trisha (40) seemed completely reborn last month. After a difficult divorce, financial worries and a burnout, she had recovered completely, until now. She is forced to stop singing for a while. “Because I have been able to give it a place in the meantime, I want to inform you,” she begins her Facebook message.

Singer Trisha, ex of the late Ignace Crombé, will stop singing until at least the spring of 2024. “Years of stress have not only caused me to have a permanent hearing problem, but also to the fact that I am struggling with voice problems… Body that has gone into survival mode causes hidden reflux, breathing problems,… and hoarseness,” she writes in the announcement. Facebook.

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“I can talk and the people who see and hear me hardly notice any difference. But when I start singing or want to sing higher notes, no sound comes out or hoarseness occurs,” she continues. “That is why I am putting a stop to singing until spring 2024. A very long time, but then I am sure that it will be resolved by then.”

Although it is not certain whether Trisha will ever be on stage again. “Let’s see what choice I will make on the labor market. Open vacancies welcome,” the message also states.

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