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Třinec – Pardubice 2:6. The fight for the title equalized, in the fourth battle Kaut ran rampant 2+1

The fight for the Masaryk Cup continues to be exciting. The hockey players from Pardubice won 6:2 in Třinec in the fourth final of the Tipsport extraliga playoff, and they return to eastern Bohemia with a score of 2:2 for the matches. At the same time, the Steelers started the duel better thanks to David Cienciala’s goal. However, Dynamo did well in power play, thanks to which they first equalized and then turned it around. Striker Martin Kaut played a big part in Pardubice’s victory, scoring two goals and making one assist. The next duel of the final fight is scheduled for Wednesday.

The visiting Radil got the first big chance of the match in the 4th minute after being outnumbered two to one, but the goalkeeper Kacetl made a great save with a catch.

That’s also why the Steelers could take the lead. Hudáček intercepted Košťálk’s pass, found a lonely Ciencialo in front of the goal, who certainly dealt with Will.

The East Bohemians equalized in a lightning-quick power play. Kundrátka’s expulsion was punished by Radil after seven seconds and he celebrated his jubilee 400th start in the extra league with a goal.

Slezans could also answer with a numerical advantage. Radil, Paulovič and Zohorna sat on the penalty bench one after the other, but Pardubice defended themselves for two minutes in three.

Exclusions and power plays continued to play an important role, the guests in particular had problems with discipline, but Třinec was unable to take advantage of this. When David Musil was eliminated, Hudáček only hit the post, the goal construction then helped Will even with Roman’s shot in an even number of players on the ice.

During Hudáček’s penalty, Košťálek sent the puck into the post, but a few seconds later Kaut beat Kacetl and put Dynamo in the lead. The East Bohemians continued their active play, created an advantage, and Vondráček shot past Kacetl for the third time.

The Steelers entered the third period with a visible effort to dramatize the duel, and in the 43rd minute they succeeded, when the emphatic Voženílek came through. After that, Radil received a four-minute penalty, and the home team pinned Pardubice in the defensive zone, but they could not overcome the excellent Willa for the third time.

In the end, Třinec took a risk without a goalkeeper and conceded two goals in quick succession. Eighteen seconds before the end, Dynamo Kaut underlined the victory.

Testimonials from coaches

Zdeněk Moták (Třinec): “The match was decided by power plays and weakening. We played power plays to a sufficient extent, in sufficient numbers, unfortunately we were not able to score even in a five-on-three power play. This resulted in a total score. If we had been successful in power plays, the match could have looked completely different. We don’t take a point today, but we will prepare for the next matches.”

Marek Zadina (Pardubice): “We played an excellent match. We had excellent power plays and weak points, we managed a difficult and mentally challenging match. We wanted to win one game, we managed to do that. It’s 2:2 and we’re going home. We are looking forward to our great people, great viewers. The series is open and I think it will still be great hockey.”


Homemade: 05:25. Cienciala, 42:53. The charioteer

Guests: 07:02. Radil, 33:35. Kaut, 35:08. Vondraček, 58:21. A. Musil, 58:50. Poulíček, 59:42. Kaut


Homemade: Kacetl (Mazanec) – Mar. Adámek, Smith, Kundrátek, Nedomlel, Polášek, Šenkeřík – Hrehorčák, Čacho, Dravecký (A) – Nestrašil, Helewka, Voženílek – L. Hudáček, Cienciala, Daňo – Kurovský, Vrána (C), M. Roman – M. Růžička ( AND).

Guests: Will (Pavlát) – Čerešňák, D. Musil, Košťálek, T. Dvořák, Hájek, Vála, M. Houdek – Hyka, Sedlák (C), Pánik – Radil, Zohorna (A), R. Kousal – Kaut, A. Musil , Paulovič – Vondráček, Poulíček (A), Mandate.


A. Jeřábek, Stano – Lhotský, Zíka


Werk arena, Třinec


5,400 (sold out) spectators

HC Dynamo Pardubice Everything about the club HERE

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