Tricked by a pedicab driver, this tourist pays IDR 8 million for 10 minutes


Pedicab not only in Indonesia, English also have. But the payment method is different, making it easy for passengers to be tricked.

Reported from Travellera tourist is in London. He decided to take a rickshaw from Mayfair to Soho, a shopping mall.

The distance is quite close, only 10 minutes. This tourist got into a rickshaw and started his journey.



This tourist admitted that he was a little drunk and was carrying a drink at the time. Seeing this, the rickshaw driver looked for opportunities to trick him.

The rickshaw driver started to distract the tourist and asked him to take out a payment card. When the tourist was distracted, the pedicab driver immediately wrote down the nominal which was not playing expensive.

In total, pound sterling 500, or around Rp. 8.9 million. This is of course a disproportionate price and this tourist has clearly been duped.

“I was drunk, but I didn’t realize when I put the card in the pay machine,” said the tourist who did not want to be named.

Now this tourist can only surrender. He asked the government to give pedicab drivers a license so they wouldn’t set prices arbitrarily.

“They have to be regulated like a taxi and have a permit. Otherwise they will do it to anyone,” he said.

A new law will be introduced by Transport Minister Grant Shapps to eliminate these illegal rickshaws.

Westminster Council Leader Adam Hug said unlicensed rickshaws were a dangerous nuisance in the West End.

“We’ve had enough drivers blocking sidewalks, disturbing residents and businesses late at night, and charging exorbitant fees to visitors,” he said.

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