‘TRI.BE (Tyrebee)’ new girl group debut with 2 singles ‘DOOM DOOM TA’ and ‘Loca’

Thursday, February 18, 2021, 1:41 p.m.

The K-POP scene had to tremble once again. When the music label quality giant like “Universal Music Group”Launched the first girl group of the label “TRI.BE (Tyre Bee)” Consisted of 7 members from 3 countries (Korea, Japan and Taiwan) including “KELLY”, “SOEUN”, “JIA”, “HYUNBIN”, “SONGSUN”, “JINHA” and “MIRE” by “SONGSUN” Is a cousin with “KWON YURI”A member of a senior girl group like “Girls’ Generation” Re32 part“KELLY” Famous from the list “You With You Season 2” In China “Lisa BLACKPINK” The successful Thai artist from the world is serving as a mentor within the show. “KELLY” Known

By the name of the band “TRI.BE” Is from a combination of two words “Triangle” Which means perfect shape mixed with words “Being”Leading to their scolan that “We are perfect as we are ”means “We are perfect the way we are”Because all 7 of them will share a story in a love perspective And self-confidence Under the concept “Girl Swag”This “TRI.BE” Preparing to release their first album with “TRI.BE Da Loca” Ready to debut with 2 singles released “DOOM DOOM TA” and “Loca”In this album, all 7 of them were also top producers in the industry. K-POP at “Shinsadong Tiger” or “S.Tiger”Who have deposited their work to make music for many world-famous artists such as “BEAST”, “IU”, “4Minute” and “Apink” Etc. in music “DOOM DOOM TA” Comes with an innovative and innovative soundtrack Is a perfect blend of rhythmic music‘Afrobeat’ and ‘Moombahton’ Add the fiesta with a dazzling light and sound MV Like falling into the world of various kinds of zoos, combined with the talents of all 7 of them, it made this song even more colorful. “Loca” Along with their strong and powerful vocals, these 2 songs will be their debut, opening the door to the global K-POP industry. “TRI.BE” Was certainly the greatest born

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