Three exercises to sculpt the triceps

The triceps are muscles that are sometimes neglected, but in reality very important for the arms. They are the antagonists of the biceps and their role is the extension of the upper limbs. Each time the arm is stretched, this muscle is involved in various ways. It is composed of three portions: an internal one closer to the armpit, a medial and an external one.

The shape of the triceps is particular. It is located in the back of the arm and resembles a kind of arch. It also forms a small and characteristic protrusion on the side of the bicep. To have a rocky physique and to increase the volume of the arms it is essential to train this muscle.

Here are three exercises to sculpt the triceps.

Extending the arm is essential

Any exercise that targets the triceps aims to extend the arm from a position where the limb is flexed. The weight, therefore, must be moved in the opposite direction to the exercises that target the biceps.

It is important to use a variety of different movements, but ultimately there are three exercises that serve to sculpt the triceps.

Pull down, estensioni e french press

To perform a pull down you need a set of bands or a specific tool. The exercise, in fact, consists in grabbing a weight and carrying it from top to bottom.

It is used only and exclusively the movement of extension of the arms, without resorting to the help of the trunk. The rubber bands can be attached to a door or a railing. The important thing is that they place a resistance from top to bottom. The body is slightly bent forward.

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Extensions are made using the same principle, but this time with a handlebar. The athlete is standing with the arms ballasted along the body, the hammer grip. Spreading your legs slightly, flex your torso forward approximately 45 degrees. At that point, he extends his arms while lifting the weight backwards. Only the forearms are in motion.

The last exercise is the classic French press or extension. Also in this case the movement to be performed is the same. The athlete, however, in this case is lying on his back, arms perpendicular to the body and flexed. In his hand he squeezes the dumbbells with a hammer grip. From this position, the extension movement takes place upwards.

These three triceps sculpting exercises are simple and effective. However, remember to contact a professional in the sector to approach these practices.

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