Tretyakova said in a skirmish that she “loves people”

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Galina Tretyakova at the BP Conciliation Council

The People’s Deputy expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that only two People’s Deputies attended the working groups on raising the living wage.

At the conciliation council of the Verkhovna Rada, People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People Galina Tretyakova entered into a skirmish with the co-chairman of the For Maybutne group, People’s Deputy Taras Batenko. A fragment of the speech was published by the Telegram channel PavlovskyNews.

Tretyakova spoke about raising the living wage and expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that only two people’s deputies had attended the working groups on this issue.

“Unfortunately, only two deputies attended the working groups, including those from factions that care about people so much,” Tretyakova said. And she added that she “loves people and respects enemies.”

After this phrase, the people’s deputy Batenko began to loudly indignant, and Tretyakova replied that he had not paid the salary to the employees of his office, which is now moving out.

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk asked to observe the regulations and to speak only about the bills.

Earlier in the Verkhovna Rada there was a scandal because of the comment Galina Tretyakova about the death of the deputy Anton Polyakov.

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