Trending Topic After Jokowi’s Ultimatum Regarding the Fate of 56 KPK Employees, What’s Behind the SI BEM Ultimatum?

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Alliance Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI) became a trending topic after President Jokowi gave an ultimatum to appoint 56 KPK employees who had been fired.

BEM SI gave 3 X 24 hours to reappoint KPK employees who were fired because they did not pass the national insight test (TWK).

Netizens question the ultimatum WELL YOU. Why are they now defending 56 KPK officers?

Even though the problem of KPK officers has been rolling for a long time, and can be said to be final.

Action WELL YOU also invites the question, who is behind them?

Here’s a related Netizen Tease WELL YOU:

@Naga_Wicaksana2: According to kelean, what’s behind the Ultimatum WELL YOU ?? Let’s talk about where it goes. Because according to aye, action WELL YOU this doesn’t make sense.

@ciantra_chintra: Who are you, Mr Jokowi’s orders? — WELL YOU Jokowi’s Ultimatum 3×24 Hours Immediately Appoint KPK Employees Not Passing TWK So ASN.

@rizz1too: The question WELL YOU who does this represent?

@wirdsimatvpang: Taking action down the street is a calling from the soul, purely to realize what is good, beautiful and true. Not for the style to be considered cool and not because it was sponsored by the financiers!! Long live all good things! WELL YOU, Student Life!! Long live Indonesian people!!


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