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Transfer of shortlists of governors to President Arévalo begins – Publinews – 2024-02-23 18:54:48

Guerrero explained, in a video published on social networks, what the next steps are in the gubernatorial election process.

“Starting this week and until March 1, the staff of the General Secretariat of the Presidency is ready to receive the shortlists for the titular and alternate governors of each department,” he said.

He added that these shortlists are elected by representatives of civil society before the Departmental Urban Development Councils (Codedes).

“It is important that citizens and representatives of civil society, aware of the constitutional importance of the position that will be elected, know which people from their department make up the two shortlists that will be received,†he stated.

The head of the SGP explained that part of the documentation that will be received includes: a certified copy of the candidate selection minutes, files of the people that prove compliance with requirements, and any observations and objections presented with the other requirements. Of law.

For this reason, the secretary invited the population to provide support “to provide certainty to this democratic and important participatory process for the development of each department.”

“With citizen participation, Guatemala moves forward,†he concluded his message.

The process

The president, Bernardo Arévalo, made public through the “Diario de Centro América†the agreement that called for the election process.

After that, the Departmental Development Councils (Codedes) formed commissions to receive files, one per department. From February 5 to 9, interested parties had a deadline to submit their paperwork and the Ministry of the Interior published the list of candidates for each department on February 12.

To hear the voice of the people, three days (from February 13 to 15) were given for the presentation of objections to the candidacies. Currently, the election process advances with the period for the designated candidates to argue (from February 16 to 22). The Codedes are in charge of the analysis of each case.

These are the ones who, before March 1, must send the shortlist that the President of the Republic receives, so that he can elect the governors.

The shortlists will reach the president through the General Secretariat of the Presidency, which will receive the documents from the Codedes. However, if the president considers that there are candidates in the shortlists who do not meet the requirements, he may return them so that the Codedes can resolve them within a period of five days.

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