Transachema purchased the country’s first battery-powered locomotive of this capacity

The first battery-powered locomotive of the Transachema company in the country, capable of pulling up to 3,000 cars, is rolling along the railway tracks. tons of cargo.

Jonas Varkulevičius, CEO of Transachemas, says that the new purchase not only ensures environmentally friendly freight transportation, as diesel has been replaced by electricity, but is also economically beneficial.

“In order to ensure environmentally friendly freight transportation, we invested in the renewal of the rolling stock and purchased a sustainable locomotive. It was delivered to us from Bulgaria quite recently, but we already had time to see the usefulness of our purchase: although it looks no bigger than a car, it easily pulled a load of 1500 tons.

By the way, colleagues from neighboring countries also come to see the only such locomotive in the country. I believe that, convinced of the capabilities of this locomotive, colleagues will also be inspired to transport cargo in an ecological and economical way,” said the head of Transachemas.

The weight of the locomotive is 47 tons, the length is 7.7 m, and the noise level when moving is minimal – it does not exceed 10 decibels, while the noise emitted by a diesel locomotive reaches 115 decibels.

Two batteries with a capacity of 1400 Ah are installed in the locomotive. With a fully charged battery, the locomotive can operate for about 7.5 hours before the charge level reaches the lowest permissible limit of 30 percent. Battery charging time from 30 percent. to the maximum level takes about 5-6 hours, but since the charging devices are installed in the locomotive itself, the batteries can be charged at any time without waiting for them to discharge to the minimum level.

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The locomotive is also equipped with radio frequency remote control with a portable remote control, the operating distance of which is up to 300 m. It is also equipped with safety systems: automatic parking brake, emergency braking, battery charge monitoring, driver alertness device SIFA.

“Currently, staff training and familiarization with the capabilities of the new locomotive is taking place. The locomotive arrived at us in the last days of February – during this time we covered about 200 km with the locomotive. experimental runs in the Achema company’s factory and other customers’ territories,” said J. Varkulevičius.

The railway transport services company “Transachema”, which provides cargo transportation, forwarding, shunting and wagon rental services, plans to continue filling its fleet with environmentally friendly rolling stock in the future.

Info of “ACHEMOS GRUPĖ” concern.

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