Avoiding Food Waste from the Dinner Plate

– It looked like a battlefield. They looked like two bloody hyenas, feeding from the food dish.

This is how Steinar Berntsen describes the sight that met him on a ski trip in Nordmarka in Oslo.

Berntsen is an active skier, and on Tuesday he was out on the ski tracks again. On the horizon from the track in Maridalen, he could see that there was activity.

– Accept it

Steinar says that he thought “I hope it’s not what I think it is” – but his fears were quickly confirmed.

In front of him stood two large dogs eating a dead deer calf.

– Two bitches stood with their noses deeply buried in the poor deer. They accepted something violent, they had blood and fur all over their faces, Berntsen tells Dagbladet.

DEATH: The little deer calf died. Photo: Bjørn Håvel Lønnum.
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Lønnum describes the deer as a “sweet little Bambi”.

– It was nature at its worst.

Oslo newspaper mentioned the matter first.

No one could adopt her

No one could adopt her

Called the police

Berntsen was alone and did not know what to do. He didn’t see any owners looking for their dogs, and wasn’t sure if he should interrupt two dogs that were eating.

– I didn’t fear for my own safety, but I didn’t know if I should get hold of them. I chased them away and called the police, says Berntsen.

From there, he was put in contact with Bjørn Håvel Lønnum in the wildlife commission.

Daughter died - blame the dog

Daughter died – blame the dog

– Furious

Lønnum says that he happened to be in the area. He went straight upstairs to look for the dogs after talking to Berntsen.

– I drove straight up and looked for the hell. I went to many places and asked many people if they had seen anything, but no one had seen anything, Lønnum tells Dagbladet.

He dragged the deer away so that it is not visible from the track, and will pick it up later on Wednesday.

On 18 February, an extraordinary curfew was introduced in parts of Oslo, including Nordmarka, out of concern for the wild animals. This came after several cases where dogs attacked, among other things, deer. The extraordinary restraining order lasts until 31 March.

– We are furious at the game commission. There are so many irresponsible dog owners who destroy so many others, says Lønnum.

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Can be euthanized

He has not yet found the dogs or their owners. He therefore posted a post on Facebook with pictures of the dogs, hoping to get tips.

– What happens if the family dog ​​attacks wild animals?

– Then it will be reported, and in the worst case the dogs can be required to be euthanized. It is drastic, but once the dogs have tasted blood, they will attack again.

Lønnum says that the wildlife committee has to go to the field up to several times a week to retrieve wild animals that have been injured or killed by dogs. The snow makes it difficult for roe deer to stand a chance against large dogs.

– The snow is knee-deep in some places, and deer with thin stilt legs have no chance against the bees when they come. They get stuck in the snow and become easy prey, says Lønnum.

- Was completely devastated

– Was completely devastated

“Forgets” the restraining order

He adds that deer are weak and exhausted at this time of year.

– Dog attacks are the last thing they need when they are trying to survive the last part of winter.

Lønnum says that most people respect the restraining order, but that there are still many who “forget” or “don’t know”. He has the following message for them:

– All dog owners are responsible for having control over what their dog does no matter what. Then they have to update themselves. They think they have control, but they don’t, he says.

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