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Traffic Chaos in Downtown Hamburg: Major Road Closures Cause Concerns

As of: March 15, 2024 8:14 a.m

Concerns about traffic chaos in downtown Hamburg on Friday are growing. The traffic authority surprisingly announced that the busy Bürgerweide road would be blocked from Thursday evening to Sunday. There are also many other major closures.

“Use the S-Bahn and U-Bahn urgently and, if possible, work from home,” says Hamburg’s transport authority. She warns of what her own construction site coordination is actually supposed to prevent – a traffic gridlock in downtown Hamburg on Friday. The reason is another major closure: Bürgerweide Street has been closed since Thursday at 10 p.m. – until Sunday. The reason is the partial demolition of a road bridge. Around 50,000 cars use the connection from the Elbbrücken/Heidenkampsweg to the Alster swimming pool every day.

Other main roads are also blocked

At the same time, other traffic arteries were blocked at the weekend: Ferdinandstor, the B5 to Bergedorf and several lanes of the A1 on the Norderelb Bridge due to acute damage. The traffic authority recommends the wide bypass via Ring 3 – Saseler Damm and Krohnstieg. She justifies the risk of traffic jams with a closure of the Hauptbahnhof-Dammtor-Altona railway line that has been planned for years. It will be blocked for two weeks from this evening, as will adjacent streets. This cannot be canceled, according to the authorities.

VIDEO: Construction work causes traffic chaos in the city center (2 min)

The streets in Altona could also get crowded; Holstenplatz has been closed there since Wednesday due to the construction of the bike route. And Kieler Straße has only had one lane instead of four for weeks.

Full streets already on Thursday

There were already traffic jams in and around Hamburg on Thursday morning. Drivers on the A1 were hit worst – there was a loss of up to an hour and a half of time before the Norderelb Bridge. The traffic situation was so tense that elevated train buses gave up in traffic jams, dropped off passengers at subway stations and turned around.

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