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TPASS Commemorative Card Pre-Order and Benefits in Hsinchu City

2023/09/12 11:23

Taozhu Bamboo Miao TPASS is expected to hit the road on October 2. The Hsinchu City Government Transportation Department stated that pre-orders will be open on September 13. Buy a TPASS commemorative card and get 100 yuan in stored value. (Provided by Hsinchu City Government)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu/Report from Hsinchu]Hsinchu County, Taoyuan City, and Miaoli County have jointly launched the “Taozhu Bamboo Commuting Pass”. There are four monthly pass plans. Among them, the TPASS commemorative card will be available at four major supermarkets and shopping malls from 11 a.m. on the 13th. The multimedia machine in Shopee stores is open for pre-order. It is available in limited quantities and while stocks last. Starting from September 25, you can go to the designated location to pick up the card. After completing the data login and registration service, you will be able to receive the 100 yuan stored value of the Ministry of Transport subsidy card purchase. Each person is limited to one redemption, and the Taobao Bamboo Sapling TPASS is expected to be available for use on the road on October 2.

The Department of Transportation stated that pre-orders for TPASS commemorative cards will be available from the 13th. From the 25th, you can go to designated locations to pick up the card, store value, and then go to the manual ticket counter to set a commuter ticket (all Taiwan Railway stations in Hsinchu City, Hsinchu Passenger Transport Minzu Road Main Station, Hsinchu Transfer Station, Guoguang Passenger Transport, etc.), the four major supermarkets currently only allow Easy Cards to be purchased and set at FamilyMart Famiport machines. People in need can pre-purchase, set commuter tickets in advance, and purchase them after they are on the road. Regular ticket crowds.

The Transportation Department stated that people can choose to purchase commemorative cards, or use existing Easy Cards and All-in-One Cards to store value. From the 25th, people who already hold commemorative cards, Easy Cards, and All-in-One Cards will be able to set up regular tickets. After completing the recharge, Then go to the manual counter or supermarket to set up a commuter ticket. After the setting is completed, within 30 days from the start of use, you can take public transportation such as Taiwan Railway, highway passenger transportation, national highway passenger transportation, urban buses, public bicycles, and Taoyuan Airport MRT. It is estimated that 50,000 people will benefit.

The Transport Department stated that the four monthly pass options for the Taozhuzhumiao commuter pass are “Taozhuzhumiao 288 yuan”, “Taozhuzhumiao 699 yuan”, “Taozhuzhumiao 799 yuan” and “Taozhuzhumiao 1,200 yuan”.

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