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Toxic mushrooms discovered at the Val-des-Pins college in Gironde: the establishment has been disinfected

The proliferation of toxic mold at the Val-des-Pins du Teich college in Gironde is a recurring problem which has disrupted the operation of the establishment since 2021. While the 2023 school year seemed to be proceeding normally, new cases were reported in November , leading to emergency disinfection during the Christmas holidays.

Toxic mushrooms: A stubborn contamination

It was in 2021 that toxic mushrooms were first detected in this school located in Teichsmall tourist town of Arcachon bay. The college had to close its doors for several weeks while decontamination work was carried out.

Despite the measures taken at the time by the Departmental Council, owner of the premises, symptoms such as:

  • irritated eyes,
  • sore throat,
  • and nosebleeds reappeared in some students at the start of the 2023 school year.

Emergency disinfection during the holidays

Alerted by testimonies from parents on social networks, the authorities took the lead. A crisis unit has been set upwith reinforced health controls and the launch of an epidemiological investigation.

Above all, the college underwent a complete disinfection during the Christmas holidayswith notably :

  • Samples to precisely identify mold.
  • Extensive cleaning work in all premises.
  • Application of fungicide products to all surfaces.

Result : when classes resumed at the beginning of January, management was able to assure parents that “the college is now cleaned up”. Students and teachers have found healthy premises to attack the year 2024 in good conditions.

Humidity, the main culprit

If these microscopic fungi persist in reappearing in the establishment, it is because the conditions are ripe for their proliferation. THE high humidity noted in recent months is cited as one of the main causes favoring the development of mold.

To definitively resolve the problem, major renovation work is planned by summer 2024, including the installation of a new ventilation and drainage system in the courtyard. The estimated cost exceeds 1.6 million euros.

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