Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Cyril Hanouna still at war with Karine Le Marchand, he tackles her

Is Cyril Hanouna about to leave C8? In any case, he talked about his future in Touche Pas à Mon Poste. Surrounded by his band of columnists, the host continues to react to what is happening on television or in the media while bringing his touch of humor. But if Baba can laugh, he can also be very teasing with those who get in his way. Recently, Karine Le Marchand has paid the price since between them the atmosphere is very tense since the star of the M6 ​​chain qualified Kelly Vedovelli and Matthieu Delormeau “Imbeciles”. And on January 15, Cyril Hanouna added a layer by tackling his new rival …

Between Cyril Hanouna and Karine Le Marchand, the atmosphere is very tense
Between Cyril Hanouna and Karine Le Marchand, the atmosphere is very tense

It all started with a simple game in which it was posed to the columnist Géraldine Maillet: “GQ ranked the 20 funniest French people of the year, who do you think is the first?”. And among the answers, the latter could notably choose: “Karine Le Marchand’s audience”. Once again, the disappointing scores recorded by the host of L’Amour are in the meadow with her program An intimate ambition have been singled out by Cyril Hanouna, who is now waiting for an apology from the one he liked very much before … Meanwhile, Would Cristina Cordula be ready to join the Touche Pas team at My Post? His response is rather surprising.


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