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Top Shows of the Week in Mainvilliers and Chartres – November 20-27: Faust, The Crystal Citadel, and More

There will be shows again this week every day of the week. We take stock.

Monday November 20

The testamentary document of Jacques Kraemer, Faust, leaves for another week in Mainvilliers. The director reinterprets a myth adapted many times, from Goethe to Murnau.
Please note, some sessions are full, especially this weekend. The room being small, it is better to think about booking.

Two thousand years of Chartres history summarized… in six pages

Tuesday November 21

The Legendary festival takes place for the day in Dreux. In the morning and afternoon, two sessions of The Crystal Citadel are reserved for schools.
But in the evening, the general public will be able to come and attend a performance of In my imaginary land, a “story talk” around Persian culture performed by Leili Anvar and the musician Jean-Jacques Lemêtre. This show is free.

premium The big blow of Aunt Léonie’s house, in Illiers-Combray, which recovers two paintings from the Musée d’Orsay

Wednesday November 22

The Legendary festival moves to Mainvilliers for two shows aimed at children, both performed by Tony Hawart.
In Chartres, the Théâtre du Labyrinthe is programming at the Saint-Julien chapel a second performance of the science fiction fantasy written by Gwenaëlle Anglade, Missing.

premium From Francourville to… New York: the incredible journey of Sacha Coc, finalist in a photography competition

Thursday November 23

The only meeting of the week of the Atelier à spectacle will take place this day with House opposite, a unique choreography imagined by Léo Walk and the La Marche bleue company. The performances last spring at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris were a great success.

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premium Ophélie Foucher, the “madame musique” in Eure-et-Loir

Friday November 24

The program is becoming more and more dense, and that is normal. In Dreux, Sylvie Testud embarks on a poignant challenge: she plays the lead role in Everyone knewa play dedicated to the Valérie Bacot affair.

In Lucé, rock’n’roll will take power with a room dedicated to the Slits, a little-known group, with PUNK.E.S.which will take the public back forty-five years, to when the Clash and the Sex Pistols reigned supreme.
On a lighter note, Chartres welcomes William Pilet as part of the Top in humor festival.

premium This is why the Lantern season in Rambouillet is a hit

Saturday November 25

Attention, event in Rambouillet (Yvelines). The Salle de la Lanterne welcomes the pioneer of French electro, Wax Tailor, who will offer a show full of contrasts. On the one hand, he will use extracts from old films, on the other, he will play his futuristic music live. An appointment not to be missed.
In Chartres, last show of this edition of Top in humor, with Sylvain Morand, who plays at Candide.

Tribute to Elton John, songs by Michel Jonasz… Discover the cultural season of Epernon

Sunday November 27

Before going to see Michel Jonasz in the flesh (it will be March 29, 2024 in Châteaudun), it’s time to brush up on your classics with a musical comedy centered around the singer’s greatest hits.
It is called And God created the swing and it is to be discovered at Prairiales d’Epernon. A wild way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Rémi Bonnet

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