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Top quota for Silbereisen’s dream ship premiere – TV

The debut for Florian Silbereisen as captain of the “dream ship” was a complete success. It achieved the best “dream ship” ratings since 2009.

Dream debut for dream ship captain Florian Silbereisen. 757,000 people did not miss the premiere of Max Parger, played by Silbereisen as helmsman. Of course, it does not include those people who will watch the episode late.

The number means the best rate on December 26th since 2009. The 25 percent market share was last reached on the third day of Christmas five years ago. In Germany, this resulted in the highest market share among audiences from the age of three.

In Austria, Silbereisen had a market share of 25 percent with its premiere. This was achieved by a general audience aged twelve and over. The consequence did not reach the record market share of 30 percent. The best value dates from 2009. At that time Siegfried Rauch was the captain of the ship.

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