Air Travel: Travelers Passing Through Canada More Protected in the Event of Loss

The airline industry has experienced a boom in recent years. Millions of travelers around the world are transported every day by airlines that compete fiercely to meet the needs of passengers. The Canadian airline industry is one of the most dynamic in the world with an ever-increasing passenger flow.

Most recently, Canada made a decision that will delight more than one passenger. In fact, it was decided that if any air carrier loses or damages the luggage of a traveler departing from or coming from Canada, the passenger will be entitled to substantial compensation. according to the Transportation Office of Canada, the new measure will affect almost all international flights.

Very advantageous compensation

The figures announced are incredible. Indeed, in case of loss of luggage, compensation can reach $ 2300, a dramatic increase in 13.9% compared to the last limit. Other measures have been put in place to protect the traveler from any inconvenience.

In fact, in the content of the new rules governing Canadian air transport, it is mentioned that if a flight is more than 3 hours late, a passenger can claim Between 400 and 1000 $ if it is served by a large carrier. The compensation varies between $ 125 and $ 500 for a small airline.

However, to claim such compensation, the traveler will have to prove that the delay was caused by the air carrier and that it has no connection with a security failure. Another flagship provision concerns structures that sell more tickets than there are seats on board. If a passenger is turned back on board, they can receive compensation up to $ 2,400.

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