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Top High-Interest Time Deposits in Hong Kong: Earn up to 6% on HKD 500,000!

▲ A time deposit of HKD 500,000 currently has a maximum annual interest rate of 6%! Existing customers also have 4.5%, and they can easily earn passive income by collecting interest.

U.S. interest rates are expected to remain high. Although Hong Kong dollar time deposits have been on a wave of interest rate cuts recently, some banks have bucked the trend and raised interest rates. The minimum threshold for deposits is NT$1,000, and the savings for a three-month deposit period are astonishingly high at 6%!

A high interest rate option for a fixed deposit of HKD 100,000 (please click on the picture below)

Many time deposit discounts have high thresholds, but if the principal is only NT$100,000, there are many high-interest options:

  • With a principal of NT$100,000 and a 3-month deposit term of up to 6%, it is a brand new customer benefit of ICBC (Asia).
  • The 6-month deposit period is up to 4.35%, not limited to financial customers, and the half-year interest rate is nearly $2,200.
  • The maximum 12-month deposit period is 3.95%, and you need to deposit at least one million yuan to get 4%.

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The following two simple tables are divided into new and old funds, both based on a principal of 100,000 yuan. Table 1 is the discount for new funds, and Table 2 is for both old and new funds.

Table 1: Annual interest rate of new funds (deposit amount: 100,000 yuan)Bank 12-month annual interest rate 6-month annual interest rate 3-month annual interest rate remarks ICBC (Asia) 3.7% 4.15%
(188 days)6.0 centimeters6% required for new customers Citibank 3.24% 3.42% 5.0% 5% required for new private client business accounts Dah Sing Bank/4.3% 4.6% new VIP customers new funds OCBC Bank 3.8%4.35 centimeters4.5 centimetersNew funds for Premier Wealth Management customers Bank of East Asia3.95 centimeters4.25% 4.4% New SupremeGold customers CNCBI International3.95 centimeters4.25% 4.25% CITICdiamond Customer Mobile New Fund Nanyang Commercial Bank 3.75% 4.1% 4.25% Personal Customer New Fund Public Bank 3.85% 4.15% 4.15% Mobile Banking New Fund DBS Bank 3.75% 4.05% 4.05% Online/Mobile Banking New Fund Mox Bank 3.4% 3.9% 2.0% Virtual bank, only electronic channels Standard Chartered Bank 3.4% 3.7% 3.8% Online new funds HSBC/3.7% 3.8% Premier or Premier customers, other customers 0.3% lower Hang Seng Bank/3.7 3.8% Online new funds Bank of China Hong Kong 3.4% 3.4% 3.5% Online or mobile banking new funds

Table 2: Annual interest rate of existing funds (deposit amount: 100,000 yuan)Bank 12-month annual interest rate 6-month annual interest rate 3-month annual interest rate Remarks CNCBI3.85 centimeters4.2 centimeters4.2 centimetersCITICdiamond customer mobile phone opening Chong Hing Bank 2.7% 3.1% 4.15% Online banking/mobile banking Nanyang Commercial Bank 3.65% 4.0% 4.15% Online/mobile banking existing funds Huili Bank 3.8% 4.1%
(7 months) 3.8% Virtual Bank, only electronic channels ICBC (Asia) 3.7% 4.0% 4.1% Individual customers open Fulong Bank via online or mobile banking 3.5% 4.0% 4.1% Virtual Bank, only electronic channels Bank of Communications Hong Kong 3.75 %4.05% 4.1% Personal customers open Merchants Wing Lung 3.8% 4.05% 4.05% via mobile banking Open Bank of East Asia 3.65% 3.95% 4.05% General customers have existing funds online DBS Bank 3.7% 4.0% 4.0% Online/Mobile The bank’s existing funds include Ping An OneConnect 3.8% 3.8% 4.0% virtual bank, only electronic channels. Tianxing Bank 3.6% 3.8% 3.9% virtual bank, only electronic channels.

Open a Hong Kong dollar time deposit with 100,000 yuan of new funds, and the high interest rate is mainly to attract new customers, like ICBC (Asia)’s 6% for 3 months, with a minimum deposit of 1,000 yuan and a maximum deposit of 100,000 yuan, which is an “e-account opening” The offer is for new personal customers to open via mobile banking “e-time deposit”.

If you open a general integrated account at a branch, ICBC (Asia) also offers a three-month interest rate of 4.7%. Although the annual interest rate is lower, the deposit limit is NT$800,000, and the actual interest earned is more.

As for Citi’s new private client business account (asset value of NT$8 million) discount, 5% for 3 months will continue to be available in February.

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Oversea-Chinese Bank’s six-month deposit term is 4.35%, which is the highest-interest half-year Hong Kong dollar time deposit among the principal of 100,000 yuan. New funds are needed for financial management customers.

The bank’s 3-month deposit period also offers 4.5%, which is the highest interest rate option among existing customers.

If you want to simply open one with existing funds, you can pay attention to CNCBI. Both 3-month and 6-month deposit terms are 4.2%, but it is a discount for high-end financial customers.

If you don’t have a financial account, you can pay attention to Chong Hing Bank or Nanyang Commercial Bank, which have a 3-month deposit period of 4.15%.

For existing funds with a half-year period, you can also pay attention to Huili Bank (7 months) 4.1%, BoCom Hong Kong and China Merchants Wing Lung both have 4.05%, but they all need to be opened through electronic channels.

The principal amount is NT$100,000, and the 12-month deposit period is up to 3.95%. This is a discount from CNCBI or Bank of East Asia, and the latter needs to be a new SupremeGold customer.

For general customers and existing funds, the 12-month deposit period is mostly 3.8%. For example, the long-term interest rates of China Merchants Wing Lung, Huili and Ping An OneConnect are all 3.8%.

The last update date of this article: February 23, 2024

Editor in charge: Liao Yiran

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