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Exclusive: RIOT Games Unveils 2XKO – Everything You Need to Know!

RIOT Games has released the latest news about the 2 v 2 fighting game Project L. Project L is now officially named “2XKO” and will provide more content about 2XKO at EVO Japan in April 2024. The goal is to It can be officially launched in 2025.

Riot Games’ fighting game Project L has officially been renamed “2XKO”. It is expected to conduct game testing at the end of the year. You can sign up now

As early as 2022, RIOT Games had already revealed news about the 2 v 2 fighting game Project L. At that time, it was known that RIOT would launch the fighting game Project L with “League of Legends” as the background. Project L is different from ordinary team fighting games. Project L allows you to team up with other players, control two characters in the same team, and switch in and out of battles. The latest development of Project L in 2024 is that it has a name. Now it is not called Project L but “2XKO”.

2XKO plans to hold trial sessions in many places around the world that can provide practical demonstrations in 2024. The most recent one is the EVO Japan exhibition in April this year. We hope that after players try 2XKO, they can provide opinions to make 2XKO better. RIOT expects that players will be able to test the game before the end of this year. However, the most important goal is to officially launch 2XKO on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms in 2025. To this end, RIOT is now open to players to sign up for the 2XKO game test. Interested friends can click here!here! learn more.

At present, the official website of 2XKO has only officially released four characters: “Ari”, “Ike”, “Yusu”, and “Darris”. Although other characters such as Iloyi and Jeanne Cos have appeared in the promotional video However, the official website has not yet officially announced it. The skills they use in 2XKO are very similar to the abilities they have in LOL. Ike can also create his own time clone in 2XKO. Ali will use her ball when attacking, and Iluo Yi will use her when attacking. antenna.

Friends who want to know more about 2XKO’s detailed plans for 2024 can watch the video below or click!here! Go to 2XKO’s official website to see more:

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