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Top 6 Christmas Movies to Watch from Home This Holiday Season

A few days after the start of the Christmasone of the best plans you can do from the comfort of your home, during this season, is to enjoy and watch the classics december films. Therefore, here we recommend 6 Christmas movieswhere the magic, love and joy of this time will transport you to the other side of the screen to feel the true spirit of this celebration.

The Holiday

Protagonizada por Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law y Jack Black, The Holiday is one of the christmas movies that you can’t stop seeing during this season. This film It will bring you closer to feeling the magic of this celebration through Amanda and Iris, two women who are in search of true love. Amanda is a renowned trailer and film creator in California, while Iris is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and lives in a country house in the United Kingdom. The plot begins when both see the need to make a change in their lives and decide to exchange their homes and from then on the course of their destiny will change forever.

The Holiday Films. Photo: Netflix

Just Friend

Considered one of the best films of romantic comedy, Just Friends or also known as Solo Friendsis one of the christmas movies that you should write down on your list of movies to see this season. The story is about Chris–Ryan Reynolds–a successful music producer who returns to his hometown to spend the holidays. December’s holidays with his new superstar Samantha James–Anna Faris–. But her past will regain strength when she meets Jamie – Amy Smart – the girl who rejected him when he declared his love for her because he was an overweight boy. And from that moment on he decides to change and becomes a womanizer. But upon seeing her he realizes that her feelings have not changed at all.

Just Friends. Foto: Netflix

Love Actually

Probably Love Actually be one of the christmas movies most viewed during the season. And, to tell the truth, the plot and the cast have classified it as one of the best holiday films. This film stars Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, mainly, and its entire narrative is summarized in love. According to the story, several couples have to deal with the issues of the heart, family, weddings, and how chaotic airports can be during travel. Christmas, especially in the London city where the story takes place. Finally, the characters will have to face their fears, come across those loves and plan the course of their lives.

Love Actually. Foto: Netflix


Serendipity o Signs of Love is one of the christmas movies most beautiful that exist. This story is about Jonathan–John Cusack– and Sara–Kate Beckinsale–, who meet by chance in a shopping center in NY, during the Christmas and from that night on they share romantic moments, although both have a partner. After that they exchange their numbers, he does it on a bill that Sara gets rid of and she does it on a free one, which he ends up selling at a second-hand store. After a series of unfortunate events, they both decide to leave their love in the hands of fate, adding that if they are meant for each other, eventually life will bring them together again.

Serendipity. Photo: Netflix

Sleepless in Seattle

Also known as Love Tune is one of the christmas movies most beautiful to see this season. The story is about Sam Baldwin–Tom Hanks–an architect whose life changes radically after the death of his wife. Meanwhile, his son, Jonah, is convinced that his dad needs to find the joy of living again. Therefore, andl Christmas Daydecides to call a radio show and tell his story, thousands of women listen to him, but one of them, Annie Reed–Meg Ryan, who is about to get married, becomes obsessed with Sam’s story and decides to travel to Seattle to meet him. .

Sleepless in Seattle. Foto: Amazon

While you were sleeping

One of the christmas movies most critically acclaimed is, without a doubt, While you were Sleeping. The film stars Sandra Bullock, a woman who has always had very bad luck in love, but every night she dreams of a young man she sees on the subway, whose attraction she finds very difficult to explain. One day the protagonist of her dream suffers an accident and she saves him, but he falls into a coma and decides to visit him at the hospital every day. The boy’s family thinks she is his fiancée and invites her to spend the night. Christmas with them, while falling in love with her brother Jack. But as soon as he wakes up from his coma, Lucy will face a real problem that she will have to solve, starting by telling the truth.

While you were sleeping. Foto: Amazon
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