Top 5 Memorable Concert Falls: From Bruce Springsteen to Madonna

Singer Bruce Springsteen fell hard during a concert in Amsterdam last Saturday, rekindling memories of some well-known artists’ downfalls. Here are 5 that have marked the minds of music lovers.

1) Bruce Springsteen

73-year-old Bruce Springsteen is the latest celebrity to scare his admirers. The boss stumbled up a series of steps onto the stage, head first, collapsing full length. He then rolled onto his back, his guitar still in hand. Members of the E Street Band and a security guard quickly came to his aid, helping him to his feet. He joked, “Good night everyone!” before continuing the show that was just beginning.


[VIDÉOS]  Here are 5 brutal falls of artists in concert


Photo d’archives, (Mats Andersson)

2) Post Malone

In September 2022, rapper Post Malone suffered a terrible fall while in St. Louis, Missouri, as part of his Twelve Carat Tour. He broke three ribs when he collapsed after stepping into a hole on the stage. Several videos filmed by spectators are chilling: we see the artist squirming in pain and we hear fans screaming in panic. He still finished his concert and continued his tour.

3) Madonna

Madonna took our breath away when she fell hard at the Brit Awards gala in 2015. It looks like a dancer stepped on the diva’s long cape, causing her to tip backwards and tumble down the series of steps , to the amazement of the crowd. Madonna got up as if nothing had happened and, professionally, continued her performance.


[VIDÉOS]  Here are 5 brutal falls of artists in concert


Photo d’archives,

4) Dave Grohl

In the category The Show Must Go On, we can say that Dave Grohl wins the prize. The Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg when he fell off stage in Sweden in June 2015. After lying on the ground for several minutes, he continued to sing while sitting on a chair, his foot wrapped in a large bandage . In May 2018, the artist fell again in Florida. He stated that “if he almost broke his leg, that means it’s a wicked good show!”


5) Berry

In 2007, “our” national Marjo fractured her left foot during a show at Jonquière in music. Aged 54 at the time, the singer had stumbled during the last part of the recall by extending her microphone towards the public. She had slumped to the bottom of the stage, but was careful to finish her song before being taken to hospital.

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